Workplace and Event Massage

In addition to individual sports massage treatments, I also visit workplaces and sporting events to deliver massage to groups.

Workplace massage

I offer chair massage to people within their workplace. This is a great way to promote wellness within the workplace. Tension and stress can stop us being focussed and productive at work, a neck and shoulder massage can help to lower stress levels, reduce tension and improve mental health. The massage is done seated on a purpose designed massage chair, through clothes, without the use of oil or wax.

Typically, the massage is 15-20 minutes long. Prices vary according to the number of staff members and the location of the workplace.

Event massage

If you have a group of people attending a sporting event, I can travel to the event with you and offer pre and post event massage.

Typically, the massage is 15 minutes long per person. Prices vary according to the number of people and the location of the event.